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Our family has been in the box business for 129 years doing business with farmers and fisherman.  For the last 13 years our industry has been searching for a replacement for wax cascaded boxes.  While as an industry we have managed to reduce wax box consumption by over 50% we still, as a county, consume 10 billion square feet of waxed boxes annually which contributes 1.4 million tons to our landfills.  The fact is that treated paper boxes can only replace some applications.  When it comes to the most challenging of wet applications treated papers simply isn’t successful.  SeaCa packaging has developed a full line of seafood and produce boxes that are 100% recyclable, manufactured in the United States, and are successful in even the most difficult applications. As well as addressing the sustainability aspect, in most cases these boxes are as competitively priced as current non-recyclable wax boxes.  This innovative approach on packaging comes from a foundational mantra of the company that yesterday’s ideas, on today’s issues will put us out of business tomorrow. We believe in the future of this product line, which has propelled us to build a new $25 million plant to service the rising demand and fulfill our mission of providing better packaging for a better world.


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