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The mission of SeaCa Plastic Packaging, along with affiliated companies, is to support our surrounding areas as we continue to grow. We are perpetually looking for opportunities to expand our outreach to partner and serve the communities we are affiliated with.


Nist Family Scholarship Fund


The mission of the Nist Family Scholarship Fund is to support, promote and encourage the educational pursuits & goals of children and grandchildren directly associated with employees of Seattle Tacoma Box Company and associated companies, SeaCa Packaging and Commencement Bay Corrugated, with scholarship funds to help build future generations.


January 1st: Applications can be

found through the link below.


March 15th: Applications are due for review

by committee to stbscholarship@seattlebox.com.


May 1st: One applicant will be chosen for the scholarship per company - STB, SeaCa & CBC.


Please include the scholarship application at the

bottom as well, it is the same one from the STB page.


Scholarship Application Download


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