SeaCa has a complete line of asparagus packages  from 2.5 K  to 28#  cartons.




For export and domestic shipping, can provide a 100% waterproof recyclable carton that can be re-iced as often as required. The carton retains produce moisture and maintains freshness.





For field and shed packers, a 100% waterproof recyclable carton that remains  its strength in coolers longer than waxed cartons.




Offers the corn industry a renewable, sustainable, and 100% recyclable option to pack corn in. SeaCa packaging offers a full line of corn cartons to pack in from RSC (regular slotted containers) to machine formed cartons in sizes to fit any season from early spring all the way to the winter crop.




Cools rapidly, is durable, lightweight, sustainable, and most importantly  100% recyclable. SeaCa packaging has a full line of grape cartons manufactured from PP sheet.




We have developed several cartons for use in the seafood industry. The waterproof cartons are required for the shipping of fresh seafood by air or truck delivered. The light weight cartons save cost in transportation over the wax corrugated .

Gusseted leak proof cartons are available for Fresh fish.


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