Recycling and


Reduce your Global Environmental Impact

Sustainability is a core value of our entire organization. All of our continental US locations, please visit our locations page for addresses, will be set up to collect #5 PP corrugated cartons for recycling. We need your help to ensure these cartons are being recycled so please drop off your #5 PP corrugated cartons with us. Please join our mission to make better packaging for a better world and work together as a supply chain to keep America beautiful.

For questions about recycling #5 PP corrugated cartons please contact: sustainability@seacapkg.com or visit our sustainability, recycling or resource pages of our website.


SeaCa Plastic Packaging manu factures #5 polypropylene (PP)

cartons that are 100% recyclable

Distribution centers (DC)

receive and distribute

products in polypropylene

cartons for grocery store


Approved recyclers

reprocess materials then

send to SeaCa Plastics for

use in the production of new

PP cartons

DC receives clean PP

cartons to bale

Packers pack and ship their

product to distribution centers

in PP cartons

Clean PP bales are

sent to approved

recycling location

After stocking,

stores separate and

consolidate PP

cartons for shipment

to DC location

Off grade materials are

sold to be used in the

manufacturing of other


Reduce your Global Environmental Impact

Waxed corrugated cartons contribute 1.4 million tons of waste into our landfills annually, a carbon foot print in excess of 1 million tones.


For every 1,000,000 waxed cartons converted to SeaCa PP Cartons:


Eliminates 1,183 tons of waste - 5 times the weight of the Statue of Liberty


Reduces carbon greenhouse gas by 840 tons - equivalent to removing 286

cars from the road


Reduces outbound shipping weight by 616 tons -31 truckloads


Potential recycling compensation due to high demand of polypropylene, based on

quantity, quality and freight logistics

Corporate Sustainability Vision Statement:


At SeaCa Packaging sustainability is a core guiding influence of our business model as it encourages commitment to innovative product designs, establishes a responsibility to maintain an indefinitely productive environment, helps create viable business growth, and supports a bright future for the communities we are associated with. Our corporate goal is to continue to reduce the global environmental impact that standard packaging products cause by eliminating tons of waste in landfills, reduce carbon greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, reduce outbound shipping weight and continue to promote our packaging products that are 100% recyclable.

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