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Youth Program Scholarship

The Nist Family is pleased to offer Youth Program Scholarships, sponsored by Seattle-Tacoma Box Company.

The mission of the program is to further the future of an individual child of a parent or grandparent associated with the STB family of companies regarding personal growth, skill set development and education enhancement subject to committee review.

The scholarship is available to children and grandchild of an employee who has worked for Seattle-Tacoma Box Company, SeaCa Packaging, SeaCa Plastic Packaging, Harvest House Packaging, and Commencement Bay Corrugated, for at least one year.

Applications Due: August 1st, 2024

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Organization is a 501c3. Examples include : vacation bible school, mission trip, sports camps, band camp, FFA, 4H, sports team, etc.
  • Relationship to employee who has worked at the company for at least one year
  • One application per family per cycle
  • Align with mission statement
  • Nist family members are not allowed to submit / committee members would subside themselves for a vote if children/grandchildren
  • Diversify by company / sponsored event
  • 18 and under (senior in high school)


Amount and Duration of Scholarships

  • One time payment for submitted event if chosen – ability to apply each cycle
  • Application submission date priority
  • Up to $500 per donation

Requirements to Apply

  • Complete the attached application.

Application Form

    Your Contact Information

    Applicant Eligibility Requirements

    Please complete or confirm the following:

    Must be 18 or under

    Examples: vacation bible school, mission trip, sports camps, band camp, FFA, 4H, sports team, etc.

    Up to $500 per donation

    NOTE: Total file size of the document must be 10mb or less and limited to pdf, jpg, jpeg, doc, and docx filetypes.